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Interior Design

Premium interior design Astana

Its a cozy house, which repeats the thin strings of your soul, its an ideal interior, which gives aesthetic and sensual pleasure, its an ideal comfort, which brings pleasant and happy emotions. All these comparisons fully reflect what the customers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design receive. Interior design meets the highest world standards. We offer our clients not only the design of apartment in Astana, interior design in Almaty, but also we suggest to tell a wonderful and unique interior story, which is endless in its beautiful and luxurious concept. The section Portfolio on our official website demonstrates hundreds of beautiful and exclusive interiors. In this section you can get acquainted with the beauty of the interiors of houses and apartments in a variety of styles:

  • interior design in classical style
  • interior design in neoclassical style
  • interior design in art deco style
  • interior design in a modern style and another

The style of the interior is the perfect reflection of how you look at life, the reflection of character and temperament. Each author’s design project is designed to realize dreams of your ideal home. And there is no room for trifles. Every detail and every moment is extremely important. The project of the house becomes a multifaceted and skillful work of a team of true professionals who are genuinely in love with their work.


Classic style in the premium interior design

Respectability and aristocratism, which are typical for elite interiors in the classical style, make this style so actual and popular more than one century. New materials, new ways of processing, which are combined with innovative solutions of designers, help create unique projects in classical style and neoclassic style. Stucco decorations, luxurious furniture, noble materials, sculptures and magnificent chandeliers create luxurious decoration of the apartments.


Premium interior design in Art Deco style

Those who are able to feel the wonderful feast of life choose art deco style. Elite design in the style of art deco from our design studio in Astana embodies luxury with the charm of immodesty, which combines a real riot of splendor. Elite design, of course, implies the use of elite materials, precious stones, noble marble, natural leather, luxurious fabrics and precious wood. The interior designer emphasizes the individuality of the householders and reflects their easy and open character.

Elite interior design in a modern style

If you prefer modern style, it means that you are a person with an extraordinary focus on life, a person who is ready for courageous experiments. Elite design in a modern style from our studio means the creation of absolutely unique interiors with spectacular design techniques. The talented interior designers in Astana create stunning elite interiors in modern style. These interiors reflect the future in design and architecture, becoming the prototypes of new styles and new trends. Such interiors delight our customers with a feeling of absolute comfort. Elite interior design in a modern style is the opportunity to create a unique house that will become an ideal habitat for its owners and source of pride.

Elite interior design as the best reflection of status and respectability

We literally read your hopes, dreams, and wishes and put this confidential information into quite certain forms of luxury and comfort. The design of the living room will reflect your hospitality. The bedroom design will reveal the intimate notes of your character. The office design will be an excellent opportunity to create something special and brilliant. The children’s room design will transform the journey of your beloved child into adulthood into a comfortable and cozy process. The kitchen design and the dining room design will bring a special shade of sophistication in every meal. In general, the house interior design or apartment’s interior design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design will emphasize your status, respectability and aristocratism.

Hundreds of implemented design projects delight our customers around the world. They recommend us to their friends and relatives. And this is the main marker of success and professionalism of the team of professionals. If you just want to bring a light novelty into the interior, we can offer the author’s curtains design. And if your decision is to build a new house, we will offer the best project and its flawless implementation. You will prove that elite interior design in Astana is an opportunity to get only positive emotions from the creation of your new home. All you need to do is tell us about what kind of house you see in your dreams, what you expect from our work and what style of interior you like. All your dreams, wishes and hopes will create the basis of the author’s house design and apartment project.

Why do people order an interior design in Astana and Almaty in Luxury Antonovich Design?

The portfolio of projects that is presented on our website, speaks about it. Luxurious interiors delight our customers all over the world, including in Astana and Almaty. We created interiors for successful businesspersons, presidents of countries, entertainments. All our customers recommend design studio Luxury Antonovich Design to their friends and relatives. And there are several key points that have become the landmark of the design studio.

We create exclusive design projects with a vivid character.

Every design project harmoniously combines traditions and fashion trends.

You become a co-author of creating your ideal habitat.

Interior design in Astana is a great way to realize dreams and highlight achievements.

The luxury of a new millennium and a new era will surround you with comfort and coziness, becoming a source of pride and a source of joy.

Enjoy the contemplation of design projects that are presented on our website. Let your dreams be bold! We will realize them and will create a luxury interior for you.


See the prices for the design. Pay attention to exclusive curtains, parquet, laminate, cork flooring, decorative parquet and catalogue of elite furniture.